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Professional Tools & Resources

These tools and resources are designed to help healthcare professionals implement key strategies for improving adolescent vaccination rates and educating adolescents and their parents/guardians about the importance of vaccination. 

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Vaccination Resources

Calendar of Observances and Sample Tweets/Status Updates
Sample social media messages for year-round outreach to parents of adolescents and healthcare professionals on immunization, disease prevention, and vaccine safety.
View the Calendar targeted Adolescents
View the Calendar targeted to College Students

Adolescent Practice Office Closed Script

If your practice has an existing “office closed” recording, it can be tailored to highlight important adolescent vaccination messages. This suggested script can be incorporated within the office’s main recording, urging patients and their parents/guardians to be proactive about their health by asking about vaccination.

Office Closed Script
College Campus/Student Health Services Office Closed Script

Adolescent Practice On Hold Script

This script can be customized and recorded as the message patients hear when they are on hold to schedule an appointment or to speak with office staff. This reinforces the need for vaccination and reminds patients and their parents/guardians to schedule an appointment.

On Hold Script
College Campus/Student Health Services On Hold Script 

Adolescent Practice Posters and Tabletop Tent Cards

The poster and tabletop tent card can be used to remind patients and office staff about the importance of vaccinating adolescents to prevent serious infectious diseases. They can be prominently displayed in waiting rooms to encourage patients to ask about immunization. They can also be displayed at the local pharmacy near the pharmacist’s window or in any other healthcare setting where patients may be receptive to such reminders.

General Poster
General Tabletop Tent Card
Meningitis Poster
Meningitis Tent Card

Adolescent Practice Newsletter/Web Article

Healthcare practices with a website or patient newsletter can use this article to further educate patients and their parents/guardians about the importance of adolescent immunization against infectious diseases.

Practice Newsletter Article

Adolescent Vaccination Reminder Postcards

These postcards can be mailed to patients or their parents/guardians to remind them to schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider. The language can be cut and pasted onto a stock-paper postcard or incorporated into a pre-existing mailing and distributed to patients. Some printers have the capability to print double-sided, otherwise, print first side, flip page, and then print the other side. Avery labels also contain postcard printing templates.

Reminder Postcard

Adolescent Vaccination Letters/Emails to Parents

These letters can be mailed or emailed to parents/guardians of adolescent patients to remind them to schedule an appointment with their healthcare professional. 
Letter/Email to Parents (from physician)
Letter/Email to Parents (from school nurse)

Materials for Preteens and Teens

Materials from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to raise awareness about the vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine recommendations for preteens and teens with audience-tested messages and graphics. All materials are available for download. 

Print-ready Materials

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