What’s The Difference Between 5 and 10 Panel Drug Tests?

Taking drugs at the workplace means risking your job. Your employer can just search for “drug test near me”, and he will find multiple options to catch a drug addict.

Do you know that in the past people could take drugs without being caught right at their office? At present it is totally impossible for modern workplaces. New advanced scientific researches have made it possible to catch a drug abuser within hours with highly accurate drug testing results. Now a drug taker cannot cheat an organization with marijuana and cocaine. Even small organizations have access to local drug testing centers, so they can easily catch their employees taking drugs.

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What is a 5 panel drug test? Are 5 panel drug tests the same as 10 panel drug tests? Your mind may have brainstormed with similar questions. Let’s find the answer to all these questions. This article will cater to essential details regarding 5 panel drug tests and 10 panel drug tests. If both kinds of panel tests are different, then what causes this difference?

What is a panel drug test?

The term “panel drug test” is commonly used in our society for the drug test. In this panel test, various collections of drugs are tested for a person to make sure that those person did not take any of these drugs. This drug test is known as a panel test because it tests for multiple categories of drugs. The word “panel” represents the collection of drugs. For example, 5 panel drug tests and 10 panel drug tests are the most common drug tests for the employment sector. Unlike mouth swab drug test, both of these panel drug tests are having special testing for urine. Different panel drug tests have various specifications that need to be considered by the test taker and the tested person to collect the required results.

The panel drug test is usually advised by business organizations for their employees. Sometimes, employees get involved in workplace incidents which can damage the organizational environment or reputation. Therefore, employees are sent to the lab for the panel drug test. Here lab staff members use scientific approaches to a urine sample to test which kind of drug was taken by a person.

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In this panel testing method lab staff usually do not ask for saliva drug test as well. Because urine tests can trace multiple substances. What kind of drug test is required to be taken will be dependent upon the choice of employer and lab testing experts? If an employer is not familiar with multiple kinds of drugs, then the choice of lab experts can be beneficial for him. Usually, people do not have an understanding of drug categories therefore, lab experts can be helpful for them in selecting their required drug panel test.

Kinds of drug tests

Two main kinds of drug tests are panel drug tests and mobile drug tests. A panel drug test can be 5 panel tests, 10 panel tests, or multiple drug tests at various locations. According to medical researchers, panel testing can consist of a standard panel test or a simple panel test. For example, standard panels include a standard 10 panel test and a standard 7 panel test.

These standard tests have the competency to share results for PCP, cocaine, marijuana, benzodiazepines and barbiturates, opiates, and amphetamines. While on the other hand, some drugs are not tested by the 7-panel standard test therefore, a 10-panel standard test can be recommended. This test can also provide test results for other drugs such as methadone, quaaludes, and propoxyphene.

Somehow, drugs tested by standard and simple panel tests are almost the same. For example, drugs covered by the 7-panel drug test are almost the same as drugs covered by the standard panel test.

What drugs do the 5 and 10 panel drug tests identify?

Sometimes employers perceive that an employee found involved in the abuses or workplace damages had taken barbiturates drug. He would suggest a panel 5 drug test. What would happen if panel 5 did not include a barbiturates drug? Of course, the report would not display any detection of cocaine. Obviously, an alternative option is for the drug test that covers barbiturates drug testing as well.

Panel 5 drug test and panel 10 drug tests are different because both have different competency levels to test various categories of drugs. Panel 5 drug test can test only 5 illicit substances which include phencyclidine, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana (THC). While on the other hand, 10 panel drug test can also trace other substances such as propoxyphene, barbiturates, methadone, methaqualone, and benzodiazepines. Thus, a total of 10 categories of drugs can be tested by the 10-panel drug test.

How long does it take to get drug test results?

Panel drug testing uses a urine testing approach which means experts will trace substances in the urine. This process is a bit time taking as compared to simple drug tests and mobile-based drug testing systems which are installed at our workplaces. For a panel drug test, you must visit a lab or drug testing clinic in your locality. The lab experts can provide us with exact information regarding the expected time to deliver results for the panel drug test. This time can vary from clinic to clinic.

We know some famous drug testing clinics are fast service providers so you can grab results in a day or 48 hours for 10 panel drug tests. Somehow, the average time to collect panel drug test results is 2-3 working days. You would be lucky if you get your results earlier. The expected time for drug test results also depends upon the type of drugs. Some kinds of drugs are difficult to trace before 24 hours, therefore, labs usually take extra time to test these drugs. Let’s say, you want a panel drug test for cocaine then it would take a minimum of 48 hours.

When PCP drugs of 10 drugs panel testing cannot be traced before 72 hours. Here we have created a table for your ease. The expected time mentioned for each drug is based on market average results. Some clinics take more time than we mentioned. As we said earlier, it depends upon the type of drug and testing center competencies. You can get a better estimate than expected by searching “drug screening near me” or contacting a nearby drug screening center. Alternatively, MOP on drug tests can be used for urgent results.

Drug Average Minimum Time Average Maximum Time
Cocaine 2 Days 4 Days
Barbiturates 1 Day only if Pentobarbital 3 Days only if Phenobarbital
Marijuana Single Use: 72 Hours

Moderate: 5 Days

Regular: 10 Days

Heavy: 29 Days

Single Use: 96 Hours

Moderate Use: 7 Days

Regular: 15 Days

Heavy Use: 35 Days

Opioids Heroin: 2 Days

Codeine: 2 Days

Morphine: 2 Days

Oxycodone: 48 Hours

Methadone: 3 Days

Heroin: 3 Days

Codeine: 3 Days

Morphine: 3 Days

Oxycodone: 96 Hours

Methadone: 4 Days

Amphetamines 2 Days 4 Days
PCP 7 Days 8 Days
Synthetic Cannabinoids 3 Days 5 Days
Benzodiazepines Lorazepam: 3 Days

Diazepam: 29 Days

Lorazepam: 4 Days

Diazepam: 35 Days

Why do employers drug test?

Why would an employer take interest in a drug test? Definitely, it would be for better business management. Drug takers give several reasons to employers and enforce them to ensure drug tests. Some of the common reasons are listed below:

  • Damages at Workplace – Employers do not believe in paying damages when they were not guilty. If an employee consumes drugs and breaks something at the workplace, who should pay for the damages?
  • Maintaining discipline – Maintaining discipline at the workplace requires them to punish anyone found involved in the abuses or workplace incidents (which causes damages to the tangible or intangible assets of the company). Thus, they prefer to maintain discipline by continuously checking for drug abuse. Somehow, discipline is not the only reason

How to prepare for the 5 and 10 Panel Drug test

5 and 10 panel drug tests take urine samples for testing the presence of illicit drugs which are illegal in the majority of countries. For this urine test, a person should remain prepared in advance. And if you want to prepare for a hair drug test – you may read the review of Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo.

There are some important considerations or tips for preparation for the 5 and 10 panel drug tests.

  1. Ensure excessive fluid intake is controlled before the test otherwise results can be different.
  2. The suspect should not visit the bathroom at least 2 to 3 hours before this test.
  3. Make sure to bring the original identity documents such as a workplace ID card or national ID card.


Who can request a panel drug test?

Employers also send these individual employees or groups for panel testing at drug centers if they are suspected of drug abuse. Usually, a simple drug test can be sufficient. But if an employee passes a normal drug test, then a panel or standard panel drug test can be recommended. For example, if an individual is suspected of using marijuana or cocaine-related drugs then panel testing can prove it with solid evidence.

Are panel tests arranged by medical experts?

Panel tests are usually arranged in scientific labs, under the supervision of field experts which makes it highly probable to get accurate results of a drug test. Such panel tests are mainly arranged by federal employees, law enforcement officials, and medical professionals.

Can they trace marijuana or cocaine?

Panel drug testing can trace the evidence for marijuana and cocaine drugs.